The Coronavirus is the hidden enemy. Any one of us could catch it. For some of you, it struck home with you or a loved one. You may be feeling fear and grief. Share your feelings here.

Blogging rules: Please abstain from using profanity. Also, please do not give medical advice. This is a safe place to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Keep it that way for others and be merciful. We hope this blog will be a blessing for you.

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  1. I wrote this on my Facebook Page March 19th: I feel compelled to tell all my friends and family that I am very high risk for this coronavirus. Some years back I was diagnosed with a very rare condition where my trachea or windpipe no longer has cartilage so it easily collapses. My airway therefore is very narrow all the way into my lungs. The good news is I have outlived already their predictions so something is going for me-Faith being a huge part. It has helped me not worry these past years, but I will tell you I am scared. As a retired nurse I know too much.My cousin Julie shared a post as a nurse. I am praying for all healthcare workers especially my many family and friends in this field. And for everyone take care to be socially isolated physically but remember we are each a phone call away. Enough from me but I LOVE YOU All! A month has gone by my fears faded away. However as restrictions are lifted the fears could come back but not so much as I look to Christ to keep me calm as HE leads the way.

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