Are you or your loved one struggling with cancer? Perhaps the illness in your family is Alzheimer’s, ALS, COPD, or maybe heart failure. After the diagnosis becomes a reality, people feel lost and frightened. Now what? Although the medical treatment of the disease may vary, the challenges to the family have many common factors

We are dedicated to helping individuals and families cope with the spiritual, emotional, and practical difficulties of living with a life-threatening illness, from diagnosis to death and all phases in between. Our mission is to reflect God’s love so that it shines into the dark and difficult times of a terminal illness.


After 10 years’ of teaching classes in the Portland Oregon area, we have decided to write a book and fill it with our experiences and testimonies of many we met along the way. The book is entitled “Where is God in the Turmoil of a Life-Threatening Illness?” It combines combines scriptures and personal stories, bringing a unique blend of practical, emotional, and spiritual advice geared for the family. We wanted to help people understand and prepare for the difficult journey that lay ahead. To find out more about the book, click here.