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We've had a new make over!

We have been busy lately--writing a book, revamping our website, and sprucing up our business plan!

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We have written a book that is currently going through the publishing process. We titled it "Where is God in the Turmoil of a Life-threatening Illness."

This is a compilation of our 10 year's of experience helping individuals and families cope with the difficult times of a life-threatening illness. It has testimonies, scriptures, and suggestions throughout. Here's the table of contents: https://wjministries.org/preview-table-of-contents/
We have completely redone our website. We created a blog, hoping that people can share their experiences, feelings, and concerns with each other. To start, we created 3 threads, or topics. They are "caregiving," "covid-19," and "the journey." We hope this will be helpful for many. Here is the link: https://wjministries.org/blog/

It has been our desire to honor the Lord in everything we do. We believe that God uses a life-threatening illness to bring us closer to Him, to reconcile broken families, and pass the blessing from generation to generation. Our classes, that we have been teaching in the Portland Oregon area, have contained many comforting scriptures and Biblical tenets to try to see where God is through this experience, We created a participant's manual, a leader's guide, and training materials.

Our next endeavor, after completing the book publishing process, will be to offer online training and access to materials to churches and organizations to be able use Wilderness Journey materials to help their congregations and surrounding communities. It has always been and will always be our goal to spread the love of Christ in the dark times of a life-threatening illness.

We would love to hear from you anytime: https://wjministries.org/contact-us/
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