This is a common question-where is god?

We have written a book to help individuals and families as they face the multitude of issues before them. 

We need your help to bring this book to print! 

100% OF EVERY DONATION GO TO THE PUBLISHING AND MARKETING OF THE BOOK.  Even the book sale proceeds go the ministry. Everyone at WJM is an unpaid volunteer.

Although we teach an educational support group called "Help for Families Facing a Life-threatening Illness," it is only available in the Portland Metropolitan area,  Also, initial fear may be a barrier or some may be too ill to attend. Families maybe living out of town or for others work schedules may be an issue. It only made sense for us to write a book with this same information which would meet the needs of many more people. For some, it will offer a way to gain insight and knowledge in the privacy of their own homes.

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“Excellent book-will be of help to so many. Thank you.”-Family & Nurse

“Bible passages so helpful.”-Family & Nurse 

“A wonderful, informative masterpiece.”-Retired Hospice Nurse

“The stories were helpful and powerful”-Family 

"Wonderfully practical and helpful.” Family

“Love the concept of God’s Symphony Orchestra”-Ministry Leader

“You have a very valuable subject to offer people facing end of life issues. Most people don’t want to grapple with the emotional, spiritual, and practical issues of dying so when the inevitable happens they are overwhelmed. Your book can fortify readers and help equip them for some of the impact when it occurs. I think you did an excellent job with the chapter on Eternal Purposes, tackling a delicate topic with grace.”-Pastor Kurt Luebkeman

We have a fundraising goal of $5,000. The manuscript is written, and the draft reviewed by a dozen people. Westbow Publishing, a division of Thomas Nelson and Zondervan is guiding us through the self-publishing process.  We raised $1680 for the initial cost of publishing. We are now at a crossroads. The publisher has given us very positive feedback. They say the book is well written, different from works being published, and will appeal to a large audience. To make it more readable and polished it is recommended we upgrade the writing package and assure a good marketing plan. We want this book to be widely available. Therefore, we are seeking your donations to cover the costs to bring this helpful book to print.

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