What we do

We help individuals and families prepare for and cope with a life-threatening illness. We do this by providing our class materials to churches and organizations. We created a 9-week educational support group entitled “Help for Families: Facing a Life-threatening Illness Holding Christ’s Hand.”

“Help for Families” combines practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance. It is written from a Christian perspective. Several videos accompany the class leader guide and compliment the material. Comforting Scriptures help participants gain confidence that the Lord is with them–He has not abandoned them.

 As people get sicker, they can feel worthless and depressed. Our feelings of self-worth tend to be dependent on what we do. For example, people who have an active career may “feel good” as a bi-product of their work. Leaving or greatly reducing their work time due to a life-threatening illness tends to make the person feel less worthy. Parents who can no longer care for their children can feel like “bad parents.”

We teach in our classes that God looks at us differently. He loves us unconditionally as we are. We do not lose our value and worth in His eyes even if we become sick or incapacitated. Like the instruments in a symphony that “weave” music together to produce a magnificent sound, God uses many people and circumstances to bring attention to His purposes during this experience. He wants to heal the soul, strengthen families, and bring some to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We call this phenomenon “God’s symphony orchestra.”

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This woman talks about her experience of growing up with a mother suffering from a life-threatening illness.*

*Portrayed by an actor