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Why don’t we want to talk about death and dying?

For some, it’s the fear of the unknown. For others, it may be the fear of pain and possible loss of independence. In some cultures, caring for the sick However, western families are usually not prepared for the task.
“Where is God in the Turmoil of a Life-Threatening Illness?” offers guidance in coping with a life-threatening illness from a Christian perspective. It combines scriptures and personal stories, bringing a unique blend of practical, emotional, and spiritual advice geared for the family. The goal is to help families walk through very difficult days.
The book discusses how God values us during all phases of our lives, and that people do not lose their value and worth when they become sick or incapacitated. It describes a phenomenon as God’s symphony orchestra. This is when God weaves emotions and events beautifully and powerfully like music from an orchestra with the ill person as the center note. 

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 A group of people evaluated the manuscript for us. Here are some of their comments:
“Excellent book-will be of help to so many. Thank you.”-Family & Nurse
“Bible passages so helpful.”-Family & Nurse
“A wonderful, informative masterpiece.”-Retired Hospice Nurse
“The stories were helpful and powerful”-Family
“Wonderfully practical and helpful.” Family
“Love the concept of God’s Symphony Orchestra”-Ministry Leader
“You have a very valuable subject to offer people facing end of life issues. Most people don’t want to grapple with the emotional, spiritual, and practical issues of dying so when the inevitable happens they are overwhelmed. Your book can fortify readers and help equip them for some of the impact when it occurs. I think you did an excellent job with the chapter on Eternal Purposes, tackling a delicate topic with grace.”-Pastor Kurt Luebkeman